The organisation challenge is back this month and I have a great one for you to help you take one thing off your list before the silly season kicks in. This month it’s all about Bedrooms and getting them sorted and them feeling great to be in! Here are my tips!

Organisation Challenge: Bedrooms on Style for a Happy Home // Click for details

Start with a list.

You know I love a list and I think it’s a great idea to start with one for all the areas in the room that you’re going to tackle. It will be a bit different for everyone, but here are some areas to include: the bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, desk (if you have one in the room), makeup table (if you have one), bedside tables, bookshelves, shoe storage, floor, etc. Having them written down allows you to focus on one area without getting overwhelmed by the whole job. They can be done in shorter chunks rather than altogether if that works better for you. Then you can tick them off as they are completed.

The Bed.

Whilst you will already have a routine for changing your bed linen, sometimes it’s easy to forget to rotate your mattress and buy new pillows for maximum comfort and better sleep. You may also want to organise a new pillow top for the mattress or new mattress protector. If you have duvets/doonas, they need to be laundered if it’s been a while. New sheets and quilt covers are great to add to a list of what’s to replace if you need them.

Chest of Drawers/ Wardrobe.

If you haven’t done a clear out of clothes that you don’t wear or don’t fit, it’s a great idea to start a box for donating to charity or a lucky box for friends and family. Sorting your chest of drawers and wardrobe so that things are easy to find is also a great idea to make a point of doing. It can be easy to have things go back in the wrong spot and then it becomes tricky to find again when you’re in a hurry. Creating a system is a great way to remove last minute stress!

Desk/ Makeup Table.

If you have a desk or makeup table in the bedroom, taking the time to clear out and tidy up what’s no longer needed (or expired) is another great way to make the room feel more welcoming. You don’t always notice how the little things make you feel, but once a clean out has been done, things feel lighter and calmer! Wipe down with a cleaning cloth to remove any dust.

Bedside Tables.

These can easily get piled with things we need on a daily basis and things we were previously using, but haven’t put away. Give the bedside tables a tidy and a wipe down with a cleaning cloth to remove any dust that might have formed and put away anything that you no longer need there!


If you’ve got a bookshelf (or two) in your room, it can be a great idea to sort and organise your books for easy reading. Also give the shelves a wipe down to remove any dust. There’s some great tips here.

Shoe storage.

If you haven’t done it for a while, tidy your shoe storage area and see if you have any shoes you no longer need (or in the case of kiddos, no longer fit) that you can add to the charity pile. Organise what’s left so that they’re easy to grab when needed and aren’t scattered all over the floor.

The Floor and Walls.

If you haven’t done it in a while it’s a great time to vacuum or sweep the floor in your room and give any rugs you might have a good clean too. I don’t love vacuuming, but I often feel much better with the floors nice and clean. It’s a great one to include on this list. Dusting for cobwebs on the walls is also one to include when giving the bedrooms a proper clean.

Bedrooms are such a big part of our every day lives, they can be overlooked when it comes to giving them a deep clean out. They become so used that a quick tidy here and there works well most of the time, but they can get overlooked for the longer term things like pillows and even your wardrobe. This challenge doesn’t have to be done all at once, but is great for getting you on the right track for an organised bedroom!

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