For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s late summer which means that for the most part where all about pretty summer dresses, and shorts and t-shirts. But as it’s late winter in the other half of the globe, if we’re a bit organised, we can get some great winter bargains in their end of season online sales. With so many international brands shipping to Australia, it’s always worth a look.

The Glitter Boots on Style for a Happy Home // Shopping the other hemisphere sales // Click for more

I’ve been window shopping on a UK site called Boden for about 4 years, but I’ve never purchased anything. Their stuff is so pretty, but it’s only been in the last year or so that they started an Australian site, which made me go back and take another look.

Initially, I was looking for some work clothes or a winter coat, but somehow I got sucked in to looking at both the teen girl section (Johnnie B) and the little kids section (mini boden). It’s all so lovely, it’s easy to look from one super cute thing to the next.

Then I saw these boots. They are multi-coloured glitter and leather lined and the comments all gave rave reviews. But they were in the 1-12 year old section and I had assumed that my size wouldn’t be included. I was wrong! The little mini boden girls shoes go to a EU 39 (US/AU 8) and I measured my foot as a 38.

I asked my Facebook friends if a 30 year old should buy shoes designed for those under 10 and there was a resounding “YES!!” so, as there were only size 38s left, I snapped them up! They arrived from the UK 5 days later and OH. EM. GEEE. They are gorgeous! (They turned out to be the last pair in that size, but they have some smaller sizes left here).

They actually run a little big, so I’ll need some thick socks to wear with them, but I think they will brighten even the most gloomy winter days.

This year, I want to improve my winter wardrobe, as most of it I’ve had since I was in the States 3 years ago and it’s time for an update. I figure that my summer wardrobe is full of pretty summer dresses, now’s the time to focus on a winter one. I’m hoping to pick up a few things that are on northern hemisphere clearance over the next few weeks and I’ll be sure to share my new wardrobe when its done!

If you’re looking to shop for some alternate season clothing online (or even in stores if you’re heading overseas), these are my tips:

  • Write a to buy list of what you’re looking for before you start looking – so you don’t get carried away with the things you never knew you needed
  • Check all clearance sections for the items on your to buy list – they might be in a section you wouldn’t usually look
  • Look early and check back- lots of the kids winter coats are already sold out but I’ve noticed that many sites will restock their clearance sections with more items as they move to a new selling season

Now that I have these boots, I’m a little more okay with summer coming to an end in the next few weeks (though you never really know in Melbourne – it’s so unpredictable!).

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